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Reflexology in Haslemere, Guildford and the surrounding area

Hello, my name is Lucy and thank you for visiting my page.

Winter has truly arrived. With all the lovely trappings of winter, curling up by a fire, wrapping up for a crisp cold walk, mug fulls of hot chocolate and winter sweaters. Heaven. However, along come the over crowded trains, more hours indoors and people sneezing everywhere. Winter is fun, but only if you're well. If there is one piece of advice I d love everyone to take, it is, please keep warm.
Do not go out in trainers with no socks, your feet are important. They deserve a little love. Getting chilled will not give you a cold but, it will lower your immune system making you more susceptible to germs that are being thrown around in the air. Winter can also bring on SAD, a lack of sunlight disorder. You might start to feel very low in spirit and lacking in energy. This is where reflexology is so wonderful. It helps both in body and mind. Do give it a try but please, also wrap up from top to bottem!

We all want to feel well and happy and, we can. Reflexology is here to help YOU.


Reflexology can help, whether you're suffering from a physical, mental, chronic or all three.
There are treatments to suit everyone. We're all individuals and treatments, need to be tailored for your own specific needs.


Reflexology works in very many different ways. Firstly it stimulates the circulation enabling all the organs to work at their very best levels. Secondly, a treatment involves the reflexologist clearing the energy pathways throughout the body. This is done by breaking down little crystals found on nerve endings in the feet. Thirdly it reduces the stress hormone cortisol. I feel its a very logical treatment, getting rid of the clutter allowing the body to self heal.

Do you feel like revitalising, recharging then reflexology is for you?

You may well have more specific issues as listed below. If so, reflexology would love to help you.


Let reflexology help YOU

I'm a fully qualified reflexologist. Reflexology never ceases to amaze me, from revealing tooth decay, to energising people post strokes and surgery. I have seen how it can help people find balance and well being in both body and soul.

I offer treatments focused on specific reflexes, as well as more general treatments which address the patient as a whole. Each treatment is 100% tailored to the individuals needs.

I am also currently supporting patients with lighter touch treatments, whilst they are receiving chemotherapy at the Royal Surrey in Guildford.

I believe reflexology works well as an additional therapy running along modern practitioners methods.


I have a treatment room in Haslemere, (25 pounds).

If you prefer having treatments within the comfort of your home, I offer a mobile service covering the following areas, Godalming, Petersfield, Guildford, Farnham, Petworth, Billinghurst, Esher and Haslemere, (35 pounds).


I trained under the world renown reflexologist, Louise Keet at The London School of Reflexology. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

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