Reflexology in Haslemere Lucy Manley-Cooper

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy performed mainly on the feet however, can be applied to the hands. Reflexology can help in both physical and emotional issues. It is well known for its success in treating stress related ailments, pain relief, digestive disorders, fertility issues, migraines and many other common and uncommon ailments.

The theory of reflexology, is that every organ, gland and other parts of the body have a corresponding nerve endings known as a reflex on the feet and hands. These reflexes are then worked on by the therapist, enabling self healing, nerve signals to be sent to the corresponding body part. The signals having been sent to the corresponding organ will then enable the body part into performing to 100% of its capability.

The benefits from receiving reflexology, have been appreciated since around 2500 BC!!! Reflexology is a holistic treatment, that enables the reflexologist to balance not only an individual organ but the whole body, thus supporting the body to work in balance and harmony as a whole.

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